To our doctors and their staff:


              Somer Dental Laboratories is committed to serving you in the safest and most efficient way

possible. Unfortunately for all of us, the Covid-19 Virus has changed the way our business and personal lives have run and it will continue to have an economic and personal effect for the long term. We have changed our Standard Operating Procedure at the laboratory. These changes will add even more protection to us, you, and your staff. In order for us to maintain the highest quality of safety, we are asking you to make adjustments on how you are sending to our lab and other labs that you may be using for aid in the manufacturing of dental appliances.


·       Send only one case per box or bag.

·       Each model must be disinfected and placed in a sealed plastic bag before putting in a case box.

·       Each impression must be disinfected and placed in a sealed plastic bag before putting in a box or bag.

·       Each dental appliance must be disinfected and placed in a sealed plastic bag before putting in a case box.

·       It is recommended that the prescription be sent in a sealed plastic bag.

·       We cannot accept patient drop off or in-lab shade appointments at this time.


              All work that we send back to you will be disinfected and invoices will be handled with gloves on. No original paperwork will be returned because it cannot be disinfected properly.


              By not following the stated protocol, our staff, your staff, and ultimately your patients can be put at risk of contracting an infectious disease.  We understand the difficult changes and adjustments that your office will go through over the next few weeks as your offices begin to reopen for the patients that are desperately needing your care. We are here to help in any way possible. Thank you for your continued support of Somer Dental Laboratories. We will all get through this tragic time together.



Friends of Somer Dental Laboratories,   



              With the Indiana Dental Association permitting dental offices to see non-emergency patients starting April 27th, Somer Dental Laboratories will start being back in production that week. We will have delivery drivers out in the surrounding areas starting on April 27th for pick-up and delivery of anything you need done.


              Starting May 4th, we will have “in-lab” technicians working to complete any work that comes in. We are excited to start servicing your office and your patients again. We understand that it will be a soft start, but we hope that working together we can all get back to the business we were doing before. We plan on keeping to our normal turn-around times but might be able to get work done quicker depending on how much we get in. Please call for confirmation on a delivery date.


              Please give us a call at the lab at 317-873-1111 or 1-800-283-1110 or email us and we can arrange pick up via local driver or UPS.


Thank you for your continued business


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