Products and Materials

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns

Ceramco 3® is our primary porcelain of choice. The granular structure lends itself to excellent wear characteristics. Our ceramists achieve amazing shade nuances and control.We like the Vita 3D Master Shade Guide and Ceramco 3 allows us to pull the maximum benefit from the 3D Master Shade Guide System.

Captek® Crowns and Bridges

Nano Technology enables us to make Captek alloy denser and stronger and thus suitable for beautiful bridge work. Our Captek copings are made at Somer and use Ceramco 3 porcelain.Captek copings will look lovely and natural and will never have a black line to disfigure the patient. Crowns and bridges fit beautifully and reduce plaque and bacteria – even when compared to natural dentition.

Full Cast Crowns

Our full cast crowns are truly pieces of jewelry you will be proud to deliver and see year after year. We focus on anatomy and build to fit, form and function into every crown.

Metal Free Restorations

Our Procera crowns, which we call Nobel Z, are made with cementable Zirconia; we use our own Nobel Biocare Forte Scanner that guarantees accurate fits and closed margins. Somer’s color modification techniques and Nobel’s color infiltrated cores allow us to promise no unsightly brightness or headlight effect.

Full Contour Zirconia Crowns

Our Bruxzir and Pearl crowns are a durable solution that is less expensive and more esthetically pleasing than full cast crowns.  Because frequent grinding or clenching of teeth puts extreme wear on dental work, your bruxing patients need a strong solution.  Our Bruxzirs and Pearls deliver, with an all-zirconia structure that provides material durability… without the cost of typical PFM restoration or the obvious look of full cast metal crowns.  The CAD/CAM milling technology delivers consistent quality while the all-zirconia material provides solid, chip-resistant results with no porcelain overlay.

IPS Empress®, e.max® & e.max CAD®

Bonded Empress Esthetic® from Ivoclar remains the gold standard for cosmetic dentistry. Nothing equals the vitality, translucency and idealized esthetic we achieve with a leucite reinforced glass ceramic material.e.max® is a lithium discilicate material and is ideal for esthetic cases when bonding is unnecessary or contraindicated. Crowns and bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays are lovely, vital and esthetic.
  e.max® is a lithium discilicate material and is ideal for esthetic cases when bonding is unnecessary or contraindicated. Crowns and bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays are lovely, vital and esthetic.e.max® CAD is the latest, high tech generation of the Ivoclar family. e.max CAD is computer designed and milled from lithium discilcate blocks. e.max CAD achieves lively esthetics for crowns, laminates, inlays and onlays so efficiently cosmetic cases are universally affordable.
Helpful Esthetic Hint: All IPS Empress, e.max and e.max CAD cases are enhanced by the use of a prep shade*. Restorations will be more lively, vital and natural. Send the prep shade; we’ll give your patient maximum esthetics.


Lava crowns and bridges combine the accuracy of CAD/CAM technology, cementability, a patented substructure shade system, the strength of Zirconia and natural translucency.
Removable Prosthetics

Removable Prosthetics


Removable Prosthetics


splints Bruxeze® soft night guards protect porcelain and excessive tooth wear. At body temperature, the appliance is slightly pliant, slightly giving and very comfortable.Remedeze is a hard/soft splint. Anything touching soft tissue is fabricated from Bruxeze material and is very comfortable. The occlusal surface on Remedeze is hardened for a more severe bruxer. Hard Acrylic Bruxism Splints are ideal for opening bites and when teeth and porcelain restorations need to be protected from excessive grinding forces.

Partial Dentures

partial-dentures Somer partial dentures are made in house. They are beautifully designed and finished to the highest jewelry like luster with nickel free chrome cobalt. They will fit your patient comfortably and provide superior function.

Valplast® Flexible Partial Dentures

Valplast Valplast flexible partial dentures are ideal for the patient who values comfort and esthetics. Using the Retento-Grip tissue bearing retention system, Valplast requires no tooth or tissue preparation.The patented monomer free hypo-allergenic nylon based material is tissue colored (in a variety of shades) and thus invisible in the mouth.

Hybrid Partial Dentures – Chrome Cobalt and Valplast®

hybrid-partial-dentures We are able to add Valplast services to chrome cobalt partial frames. This combination gives strength for the most severe reciprocating forces of mastication or complex partial design while building in the comfort and esthetics of Valplast.

Complete Dentures

the-somer-denture Somer uses the Ivoclar Vivadent SR Ivocap Injection System.  This process allows the controlled pressure-heat polymerization; the exact amount of material flows to counteract the shrinkage of the acrylic. The SR Ivocap injection procedure allows us to make precise and high-quality appliances which offer high strength, low shrinkage, and a perfect fit!
the-somer-economy-denture The Somer Economy Denture uses Dentsply’s Lucitone 199 and Classic Teeth. This economy denture will fit beautifully, but will use a less costly tooth with fewer shade selections. Your value conscious patient will be very well pleased.

Implant & Combination Cases

somer-logo-2009 Implant & Combination Cases are Somer specialties. From new to old implant systems we bring the support and attention that dentist and patients want. Call or email us to discuss a treatment plan.

Radica® Provisional Crowns & Bridges

Radica® Provisional Crowns & Bridges are light cured, lab-processed provisional restorations. The material is a biocompatible, monomer-free formulation that combines high flexural strength and durability with “best in class” esthetics.

Case Schedule

Fixed Removable
FCC 3 days Denture Setup 3 days
Porcelain Fused to Metal 6 days Denture Finish 4 days
Empress Veneers, e.Max 6 days Setup & Finish 5 days
Bruxzir, Pearl 6 days Soft Reline 2 days
Procera®, Lava 8 days Partial Frame 6 days
Provisional Crowns 4 days
Valplast Flexible Partial 8 days

Poured models are needed to schedule a precise return date in all implant cases.

Allow 2 days shipping on all cases.

Cases that are received in our laboratory after 1:00 p.m. add 1 day shipping.

Somer Hours of Business

We are open for business and welcome your inquiries from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EDT, Monday through Thursday. Our drivers pick-up and deliver cases Monday through Friday.

To schedule a pick-up, call 317.873.1111 or 800.283.1110 during business hours or Friday mornings. After hours, please call the Somer Pick-up Hotline at 317.873.1119.

For more information, fee schedule, and return dates EMAIL US any time and we will be happy to help.

**All Products unless noted are proudly made in the USA**