Brux-eze and Remed-eze profit centers for your practice.

Brux-eze material produces a thermo-elastic night guard that is very, very strong and very, very comfortable. Bruxeze night guards are done entirely by assistants and require virtually no adjustment.

Many patients are well served with office fabricated night guards. But did you know Brux-eze go through a curing cycle of 3500 psi to 5000 psi at 158o for 8 hours? It is this cycle that guarantees a strong, flexible appliance that will give patients years of service.

What are your opportunities to prescribe lab fabricated night guards? Are night guards consistent with your practice philosophy?

  1. Do you believe night guards can protect natural dentition and porcelain?
  2. Do you ever see patients with prematurely worn teeth?
  3. Do you ever do crowns on worn teeth but still don’t prescribe a night guard?
  4. Could night guards be a good idea for all cosmetic cases?

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